Got questions?
We got answers

Got questions?
We got answers

Got questions?
We got answers

The basics

Hi, yeah, so what is Struct again?

Struct is a brand-new real-time chat platform designed from the ground up around threads, feeds and AI. It's designed to amplify your productivity and fix chat for good.

So how does it work?
Why is it better?
What do I need to get started?
How much does it cost?
Can I still use Slack?
Wait, so is Slack required?
My community is on Discord. Can I use Struct?

Moving from Slack

What if we're ready to move away from Slack?

If your team is set to move away from Slack, Struct is prepared to welcome you. We’ve built tools to import your threads, channels, and member lists, ensuring a smooth transition that keeps your momentum and conversations intact.

Reach out to us at and we’ll get you started

So we can just move away from Slack and onto Struct?
We don’t lose all our Slack chats and stuff, do we?
And you can move from Discord to Struct too?

Using Struct app

Let's dive into the app. How do I get started?

If you want to start fresh: get early access and start your very own Struct org.

To chat on Slack: install Struct on your Slack domain to unlock the new features. You may need assistance from your admin for this step. After Struct is set up in your organization, simply connect individual permissions to enable chat sync, allowing you to chat with your Slack peers on Struct (and vice versa).

For the optimal experience, we recommend downloading the app. Look out for emails and in-app prompts guiding you and your team through this process. It’s all straightforward and hassle-free.

Struct is also fully functional in your browser.

Alright, then what?
Oh, these threads are cool! But where are my channels?
What are hashtags for?
Does having a feed ever get a bit overwhelming?
What if I want to save my search filters so I can go back to them?
How do I invite new members?
How do I make a new channel?
And I join channels from the same place?
Are my DMs and notes private?

Struct Knowledge Base

What is Struct Knowledge Base?

The Struct Knowledge Base is a collective repository built from your team's Slack conversations. Acting as the central intelligence of your Struct organization, it organizes discussions, decisions, and insights into a searchable database. This ensures that valuable information is preserved and easily accessible, enabling your team to build an always-expanding community knowledge base.

How does Struct Knowledge Base compare against existing tools?


Does Struct use OpenAI? What's OpenAI's privacy policy?

Struct does use OpenAI to generate the title and summary for conversations. OpenAI platform is a SOC 2 compliant, and does NOT use the API data for training or keep it for more than 30 days, unless required by law. See OpenAI data usage policy.

Also see this tweet by Sam Altman.


We strive to ensure Struct is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. However, if you encounter any discrepancies or issues, many can be resolved through a few straightforward measures. Here's a breakdown of common troubleshooting steps and why they're important:

Keeping your system OS up to date

Regular updates to your operating system ensure compatibility and security, helping Struct run smoothly. These updates often include critical patches that can improve the performance and stability of applications like Struct.

Updating your systems primary browser (Edge for Windows, Safari for Mac)
Refresh your page (Cmd+R for Mac, Ctrl+R for Windows)
First sync when adding Struct to your Slack domain
Individual account sync with Slack

The only chat platform built for open source communities





The only chat platform built for open source communities

The only chat platform built for open source communities